How I was dying this week

Okay, usually when I say something like that “dying”, obviously its a metaphor… figure of speech, I’m never actually dying. But this Thursday and Friday. I. Almost. Died. No. Joke. Okay, let me tell you what happened.

It was Wednesday night. I was doing my assignment on the computer. Suddenly, my nose started dripping. (EW I know…) well including wednesday,  I’ve been sick for three days thanks to me sister. It was so bad and I still managed to go to school. (I wore hoodies for the whole week… and the worst part is I ran out of hoodies and I dont know… I love hoodiesssss. I want an Olympic hoodie they are so nice!! …okay oops back to the topic.) So I was ill and sick and not feeling well. So wednesday night when I thought my nose suddenly started dripping, I thought my nose was runny again. But I realize that I was nosebleeding. By the time I got to the bathroom I realized I was nosebleeding on both sides. Ew. It was kinda funny to actually. So it took about half an hour for it to stop. I nosebleed frequently so no problem. Got used to it I guess. (Thank lord that I don’t nosebleed during school.) An hour later, I also realized I was PMSing… yay. (Thank ya mother nature.) And just before I went to sleep my lips started bleeding too. (My lips were dried and sealed… probably.) Anyways, basically I was bleeding everywhere and I was dizzy when I was nosebleeding. But I wasn’t dying… YET. You see I get the WORST cramps when I am PMSing. And this month, I was 11 days late. And Thursday when I went to school it was fine. But by the end of the day, it rapidly got worse. I finished school, called my mom to pick me up because I was in no condition to walk. She told me to wait 10 minutes. I seriously thought that 10 minutes were an hour. I was outside the school, sitting down and waiting. I thought I was going to faint. Not lyingggg. I felt like I needed to lie down. (BUT I WASN’T GOING TO DO THAT OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. THAT’S SO EMBARASSING.) So I was slowly leaning down sideways. It was embarrassing but I couldn’t just sit still. (And I remember my biology teacher saying that if someone faints, they have to lie down for the blood to reach their body and make sure they are breathing.) So remembering what my biology teacher said I wanted to lie down.

I wanted some peace too. But the kids who stay outside after school, THEY HAD TO BE IN FRONT OF WHERE I WAS SITTING/LEANING AND THEY WOULDN’T SHUT UP. It’s not like I could tell them to shut up either. That’d be rude even if I AM 3-4 years older than them. So after they all left, it was finally quiet. I almost threw up too but nothing came out because I didn’t eat lunch. I told my mom I wanted fries for lunch so we were ganna go get it after school. Haha… more importantly, by the time my mom came to pick me up, apparently I was white. (I’ve wanted to be pale but white? Uhhhh….) Mom drove me home and I quickly lied down. Now, I was DYING. I thought I was in between life and death. I wasn’t praying to god to save me. I was praying to god to put me in peaceful death. That’s how bad it was! I got better after I threw up my breakfast… and I had 5 hours of sleep. I ate fries (because I still wanted some… how stupid can I be??) And at midnight, I threw up everything I ate… again. And I couldn’t do hw so I just slept. I couldn’t go to school Friday because I was still unwell. Guess what, I had a piece of chicken and a cup of yogurt on Friday. The craziest thing is, I wasn’t even hungry! (The mysteries of PMSing.) So thats how I spent my Thursday and Friday. I’m so glad Monday is B.C family day. Get to finish that load of hw. *cry*

Yes, so that’s my super embarrassing story of how I almost killed myself this week. Do you remember this? I hope not. And I hope by now, my “monthly cramp” doesn’t hurt or at least doesn’t hurt as much as I used to. K bye.


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