Aloe drink

Okay, someone from my tennis team told me last year that aloe drinks tastes good. So few days ago, when I came across one, I decided to try it. The thing is there was sugarfree and just regular. The person at the store told me that sugarless is more concentrated with aloe. It simply doesn’t mean it tastes less sweet. (And it should be more expensive but that store was selling it for same price.) Well when I tried it, I agree, its great. It tastes just like green grape juice (the korean one) actually. But I also tried the regular one and I think sugarless aloe drink tastes better. I think the regular one simply has that sweetness and I dont know, from my opinion, I think its too sweet. But the calories arent that different. The sugarless is like 70 cal per cup and the regular 80 cal per cup. So dear future me, if it’s been a while or you’ve forgotten about it, go try it! …well if they still have it in the future. (I’m pretty sure it would…) haha.

Anyways, I haven’t been posting daily due to busy schedule. Well… actually not really but I’m trying to figure out some stuff and I’m currently STILL applying for universities. So yeah. K bye for now.


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