Romeo and juliet 1968 film

I’m watching it right now and ugh olivia hussey is so pretty! She is old now and has a daughter. Her daughter is pretty too! I’m so jealous of her beauty *cry*
The cast of juliet is Olivia Hussey. Theres someone from my school who looks like her too. Shes really pretty too. *cry cry* and the person who played romeo was Leonardo Whiting. (Reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio is better looking from my opinion…haha) and funny because Leonardo Whiting of modern day version is Zac Efron because they actually look alike…like a lot!! Well here’s a photo of olivia hussey when she was young.




And here’s Leonardo DiCaprio and zac efron comparison haha. (Hmm.. zac efron is better looking too I’d say.)


Uhh okay wait thats not a good photo of leonardo whiting when he was younger.


Haha he looks much better in this photo. And heres another photo of olivia hussey and Leonardo Whiting when they were younger


Okay and I THINK this is them recently


They look like a good couple. (THEY AREN’T TOGETHER THOUGH!) haha

Oh yeah? Do you remember how juliet is 14 and romeo was like 17 (I think) for the Shakespeare play?? Yeah I remember I was pretty shocked when I found out. It was either my english teacher or tutor who taught me that like last year or the year before that. Haha. And look at me… a potato sitting on the couch just devouring about everything in my fridge. Hahaha. Forever aloneeeeee *cry cry cry*


Hahahahaha its okay I can be beautiful potato …in time or hopefully just for now. Are you still alone when you are reading this? If you are, that’s okay. You should get like not ten, but like two or three dogs. (Not ten dogs, unrealistically impossible for me. As for cats, I’m allergic so NO.) Haha well honestly, I hope you aren’t dear me in the future. LOL. K gatta go bye.


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