Sound vaguely familiar? That was my nickname LONG ago when I was in elementary school in Japan. I was trying to apply to a university and remembered my naver.ca (…?) Account. Okay so the nickname behind this meaning I should write it down before I forget.

Let’s just make it short. This sounds like Bingo but thats not the reason why. The guy I used to like when I was in elementary school in japan, he gave me this name. Ringo actually translates to “apple” in japanese. So the guy who gave me this name called me this not because I was cute (haha) but because my head was BIG. Like an apple apparently. He meant to insult me this way. And for a while I was upset but later on my dad started calling me that because he found out about it. So later I got used to it. I started thinking it was a pretty cool nickname anyways. So thats how my very own, first, email account had the word “ringo”.  Everyone practically forgot about the nickname. It was obviously something no one knew other than my family. (Well and that kid. Now he looks like a yankee… eek! What a waste, he used to be so cute. Or maybe just my thoughts…)

Anyways! Thats the nickname I used to have like 12 years ago. Now I go by Dee.
I’ll explain that nickname next time. For now, I need to recharge and get my energy back. I received too much stress from school today. K good night.


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