“The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane”

So this is a book my grade 5 teacher read for us during silent reading. It was a good book. I loved it so much that I got my mom to buy it for me. So this was like 7 years ago. Wow. My parents were watching this Korean drama and that book came up to my surprise! Isn’t that a surprise. So I went to my bookshelf and I found it right off the bat. Yay. The book cover is really cute. Its captivating. Heres a picture of the book cover.


Just made sure. I can read EVERYTHING on that book from this picture. Your eyes can still see them right? My vision is 20/20. Are you still? I hope you are haha.

Hey!! Do you remember that time when I was younger around first years of elementary? I could play computer and video games as long as I wanted. (Well considering the fact that I was little and liked going outside I didn’t spend too much time on computer.) But thats not the point. Anyways around that age, I wanted glasses because I thought they were cool. So when it was that time of year to go check with the optometrist. This time around I lied. Everytime I went, I remember I got everything perfect. However this time, I answered everything the opposite… I mean if possible. For example,  if it was an arrow going left, I said right. If it was letter A, I said Z. If it was a number 4, I said 8, and vise versa. And so, at the end, the result was of course bad. But heres the funny part, the optometrist said, from I can recall this:

” Her eye sights got really bad…it’s bad news that she is close to needing glasses.”

My mom: “Does she need glasses?”

“No, its bad but not bad enough to make her wear glasses.”

That was funny thinking about it now. But at that time, I was bummed. Because I was so close to getting the cool things in front of my eye. Whats even more funny? My mom said this when we got home.

“Only 30 minutes of computer, tv or video games from now on.”

And dun dun dunnn there went my freedom for playing games and use of technology. Right now grade 12, I rarely play games. Computer games, there nothing fun that I can find. I used to like “worlds hardest game” and I still like “bubble trouble” but I don’t play it. I don’t know I guess I prefer doing something else.

Tv on the other hand is different. I don’t blink my eyes when I watch tv. At least I used to. Sometimes I kind of have to make sure that I’m blinking. That’s why whenever i go to the movies, my head hurts few hours later. Haha I thought it was normal. So I choose not to watch tv.

Recently, I just sit down and listen to music, watch Goldie do random stuff or watch youtube videos. You still have them right? Youtube? Where you post videos of like anything?? Haha well thats it for today k. Bye.


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