Rain all week

I can’t believe it’s raining all week this week. That means so seven days of rain. (Haha shower for my dog… hope she doesn’t catch a cold while we take her out on walks.) Oh yeah I don’t walk my dog. My dog walks me. Haha she always pulls and tugs on the leash. But its so much easier to let her walk around my herself without the leash. She walks at her own pace which is actually quite fast. She comes back and forth. Its actually quite cute. But when we have to cross the street or something, we have to put her back on the leash. Well she’s still young too so its dangerous. Its 2014 and she is around 2 and a half years in human age. Goldie’s birthday is June 3rd. We got her in the following month on July 28th I think. (Or at least thats what my sister thinks.) Heres a picture of her like 2 years ago!


Omg this is one of the best photos of her!! Shes the best at sleeping… lol just like her mother. By mother I mean my sister. I’m Goldie’s auntie. My mom is her grandmother. And my dad is her grandfather. (She doesn’t have a dad lol.) I don’t know when we decided this but when we got her, thats what we decided to do. Goldie is scared of her grandfather but listens to him well. Haha (sometimes I feel like she likes him the most. Haha) um thats it… haha k bye.

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