A world without numbers

I’ve always thought it was funny how students had a “student number” or a “student pen”. I thought this was weird because I thought we were being defined as numbers. But I guess I’m not the only one who thinks that.
I just finished walking Goldie. And before that I was reading “the little prince”. So the point is, in this book it mentioned how “grown-ups” or adults are always referring to numbers. And I totally agree. Here, I’ll write it down so you don’t have to go on internet to look for it,

“I’ve told you details about Asteroid B-612 because of the grown-ups. Grown-ups like numbers.”

“Grown-ups can’t imagine a house if you tell them, ‘I saw a beautiful red brick house, with beautiful flowers at the windows and doves on the roof.’ You have to tell them, ‘I saw a house worth one hundred thousand francs.’ Then they say, ‘What a pretty house!'”

Not all grown-ups may be like that but realistically most are.

Oh and asteroid B-612 is the planet that little prince comes from in the book. Apparently, asteroid B-612 actually exists. SEE! My point! Even before the names, asteroids are defined by numbers. (I feel you asteroid…lol)

Funny thing is, I’m an adult too. I’ve come to learn things with numbers. I value numbers. How much money, percent grades, a person’s income, age, height, weight. These are all numbers. It’s kind of sad when I realize how stupid is it when it is put this way but then I’m becoming one of them… I’m a young adult. Converting or becoming into the stage of being an adult. Funny how up until now, I’ve always wanted to be sophisticated, mature looking, and just BE an adult. Now I’m just confused… I wanna be a child again. Especially at this time of my life when everything has to be about money matter…

But you know, I think everyone was raised that way. Everyone was raised to value numbers. I’m sure whoever came up with number, was meant make lives easier. But ironically it just makes me too stressed. I wonder when did I start valuing numbers so much? But then again, it’s unrealistic to think you can survive in a world like right now without these “numbers.” But I wonder what it’ll be like, a world without numbers.

Dear future me, I do hope by now you aren’t stressed with these …numbers. If not, I do hope that days approaches soon… perhaps not just me, but for everyone as well.


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