Omg sherlock is backkkkkk! Its drama from the UK. We had this thing called “Netflix” so we were able to watch the drama on tv. You know what tv is right? Television? Do we still have that? I’m pretty sure we would. Anyways! Sherlock is only 3 episodes per season. (I know right! So little…) So two seasons finished and just stopped. BUT they did announce how there was going to be a season three. But the thing is we had to wait like a FULL YEAR FOR SEASON THREE. AND AND AND THAT DAY IS FINALLY HEREEEEEEE!! They just aired it in the UK on new years which was just yesterday. So I’m pretty sure we can watch it on the computer now. Haha while most people are into “Doctor Who”, “Pretty Little Liars” or “Glee” I like watching “Sherlock”. But there’s so much drama series named “sherlock holmes” or even “holmes” or EVEN “elementary” ABOUT sherlock holmes…I think haha. Anyways ganna get ready sleep and watch sherlock if I can. K bye bye


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