Okay. Just wanna get something straight. This is ganna be a weird topic but I wanna get it out of my head. So I went to a bathroom in the mall. It smelt so bad. Either the janitor hasn’t clean very well or someone just… I dont know. Well janitors always do their jobs so its most likely the ungrateful people  who think they are too “cool” or “superior” to flush the damn toilet!
I hope people understand that when you poop, you can always close the “toilet lid” or whatever it is called, after you flush the toilet if it smells bad. (Unless they don’t know …or they dont have a nose …like voldemolt from harry potter…) I’ll never understand people who don’t flush the toilet. If you have any serious reasons you can’t thats that. But WHY. Other than that, just flush the toilet for other people’s sake. If the toilet is clogged, thats that too. But seriously. Flush the toilet!! No one wants to go into a toilet full of shit or piss. (I hope you’re not eating while reading this…) or or or here’s a genius idea. OPEN THE FRICKEN WINDOW. It doesn’t take too much energy to do that. I’m just ranting about this gross fact because I find it so stupid how some people can’t flush the toilet because they are “too lazy” or they don’t want to get their hands dirty pushing down the level. (Just get some tissue and push down the level while using that piece of tissue with your hands to cover the level…) So the next thing you know there’s like a line up for one bathroom stall. Ew. Why am I pissed about this? WHY AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS…lol… probably because I find it ridiculous that janitors have to always clean even the unnecessary stuff too… and because the line up gets too long. (That’s the worst when you REALLY GATTA GO AND BUT YOU CAN’T, SO YOU HAVE TO HOLD IT IN.) Dear future me, I’m guessing you already know how weird and not normal I was when I was younger. Or am I still like this. Haha. Well you know the quote, better extraordinary than normal. I’m glad I still have friends even though they know how weird I am. Haha. Love you dear friends.


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