Attempting to fix a broken USB

SO, my luck is so bad. Some people complain about one or two things that unfortunately happen to them in life. HOWEVER, I’m the person who ALWAYS RUNS INTO PROBLEM AT THE MOST UNNECESSARY TIMES! I was volunteering to do a slideshow for the Remembrance Day Assembly at our school. THE DAY BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO SHOW the teacher so he can give me some advice on what to fix up, my DAMN USB BROKE. And I actually never knew USB could even BREAK. (WHY COULDN’T THEY HAVE TOLD ME THIS AT SCHOOL???) So I stayed up until 6am to finish doing the project ALL OVER AGAIN FROM SCRATCH. What sucks even more is the fact that that USB didn’t only have that project, but my other important documents. If I considered something important, I placed it in that USB. I’m so upset by the fact that the ALL the photos from Japan and Korea is in that drive…Thank goodness I have some of the photo copies in my other USB. But that doesn’t solve the problem for the rest of the stuff in there. To be completely honest, I don’t remember EVERY SINGLE thing that was in there. I just know I have a good copy of my resume, reference letter and other stuff. I am DYING TO GET THEM BACK. If I was rich, I would just stupidly spend like a $500 to just recover that USB. But I can’t because I can’t afford it! *CRY* And the worst part, I was willing to get it fixed for $100 at this shop that was recommended. I understand the fact that they tried. Apparently, there’s no physical damage, it’s the memory chip that’s broken…And they can’t fix that. WHAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IS that my WHOLE FAMILY had to drive all the way to this shop (which was like an hour away from where we live currently) and we had to go back and forth on EACH DIFFERENT days. THREE TIMES, NO JOKE. Okay, I’m sorry for this shop at the same time but I must say, it was weird that they didn’t tell me I should bring ANOTHER SIMILAR USB first. I called them twice before coming in the first time. AND THEY DID NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT BRINGING IN A SIMILAR USB. I CLEARLY told them that I had a broken USB. I even asked how much it could be. They said around $60-150. (Really, obviously near the $150, because you know everyone exaggerates…) So, I brought it in, and they said I should’ve brought another similar USB so they can switch the memory chip around with that other USB or something. But they said actually, it’s fine because they THINK they found one alike to mine in their shop. So we go to a mall nearby for two hours (because they told us to come back after two hours,) which was totally unnecessary because after we came back THEY SAID THE USB DIDN’T MATCH THE ONE THEY HAD. So like that, we wasted our time. So we went home. Two days after we brought in my sister’s USB that was similar to mine which broke. They said come BACK TOMORROW because the person went to the USA. SO WE FRICKEN GO HOME. THE NEXT DAY I CALL THEM AND THEY TELL ME THE MEMORY CHIP BROKE. SO THEY COULDN’T DO ANYTHING. So basically, I wasted EVERYONE’S TIME. I think I’m actually mad at myself, no THE F***ING USB for BREAKING. (I was pretty mad at my friend too because she said it’s my fault for NOT EJECTING it…I NEVER EJECTED IT AND IT WORKED FINE!!! And called me stupid… ugh. As you can understand, being pissed already and calling someone stupid is just adding oil and more wood to the fire!) What I wanna scream about even more is the fact that the people at the repair shop DROPPED, YES, I SAID DROPPED MY USB TO THE FRICKEN WOODEN GLOSSY SLIPPERY DIRTY DUSTY DAMN FLOOR. Not just once but T.W.I.C.E.!

I literally wanna punch someone. I’ll likely go walk my dog and if ANYONE SAYS HI OR KNOWS ME OR TRYS TO EVEN TALK TO ME, I might just end up in jail for violently beating the person up. That’s how I feel right now and what can I do to ease this PAIN?!?!?!?!?!?! and HUMILIATION AND FRUSTRATION AND IRRITATED AND ANNOYED, BOTHERED, TORMENTED, FEEL PROVOKED, AND ITS MAKING MY BLOOD BOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH all I can do is outrage on this bloggggggggggggggg!…. Dear future me, NEVER USE a USB again. Or at least never use it for primary source for all my ESENTIAL, IMPORTANT, TREASURED WORK! *Cry* I’m not literally crying but I’m crying on the inside while the blood inside my head is boiling and the veins in my brain is throbbing… It’s probably also because I feel pressured and stressed already to think winter break is over and we have to go back in like three days. (OMG that’s like in 72 hours… torture…) Anyways, dear me, I guess I found a decent way (or weird way) to rant and let out my anger. k gatta go scream at the world, bye.  


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