“The host”

“Boob enhancement cream”…..LOL it was one of the ads on youtube. I honestly dont believe in that stuff. Well I havent tried it so I shouldnt judge but uhhhhhh hahahaha. Anyways, I havent wrote in a while. And I promised myself to try and write everyday. Oops. K so I watched a movie called “the host” that was originally a book. Theres only one series meaning only one novel and DONE. I dont really like it when a books continue on to series with like five more books. See, the thing is I hate waiting and one book takes a year for it to get published before the previous one. Well it really depends but… anyways I know I shouldnt say stuff like that because I do respect authors and its a lot of work but I don’t know… just my thoughts. So I was ganna read the book but didn’t… I thought the movie was great and here’s my thought on it. I honestly think those aliens are better than human beings. I kept thinking if these “aliens” are not harming the environment, and living with each other without quarrel, lies and they don’t even have to pay for food. So theres no problem, no starvation and the world isn’t… dying I guess. So really, its sad to think these ideal aliens are better than us. That made me realize how much better we should actually be doing to care about… um like everything. Again just my personal thoughts. I want to tell and ask the author of the book. How these aliens are actually better than us. What did you want them to symbolize? Hmm…


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