Explaination to my gibberish post from earlier…

Haha I totally forgot to explain my ranting gibberish posts from back I don’t even know when. This day I realized my phone was running out of memory space. (The gigabits… do u still have those? The number and like you know the memory sticks and storage and all??) So stupid me decided to press delete for one of the random files. I got 2 gb of space. Yay. But the “random file” that I actually deleted was my camera file. Haha so all the pictures and some of the pictures that I had, I deleted them… how clever. N.e.v.e.r. do that again. So thank lord to dropbox.com. it saved a lot of my past photos. But a month worth of pictures were GONE!!!! *cry* the unfortunate part is how I don’t remember what was deleted. “You dont know whats gone until you lose it…” hmm story of my life…………
Anyways, so theres this one photo that I remember and I wanted it back but I cant. I hate how im one of those people who try to fix something by reading what people advice you to do on the internet and no matter how many times I try, doesnt work!!!!! *wth* is that only me or…? And thats my proud photo that I put together to make a cool college. I’ll have to take another hour to remake it…


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