Ughhhhh can’t believe over a week of winter break is over! English 12 teacher and school takes too much energy. I cry on the inside everyday.  *sob* oh yeah just today I tried changing my theme of blog from “visual” to “skeptical”. I only like the organized looking blogs. I dont like the pinky girly ones. Too dizzy and too cute and too “girly” for me. Haha. Im starting to feel I have masculine style in some ways. For instance, I like notebook looking kind of phone cases and I like men’s steel “non rusting” (is that a word…?) rings and accessory sometimes rather than fake diamond or glittery rings and stuff that just fall right off the main material… hmm… and I read this girls blog. She sounded very young. Talking about “him” for every sentence in capital every now and then. Im not gay. Dont think I ever was dear me. I like guys too much for that. Actually I think gay people are pretty cool. Seriously, im not against it or anything. But I dont think I would support them either. Speaking of which, from the inspiration of “this young random girl” from a blog who sounded very….. kawaii (haha) I wanna mention someone that I am interested in. I used to be interested in this other guy (lets say he was starwars), but I dont find him…interesting anymore. I’ve moved on. He is cool but doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who is easy to talk to… geez dont I sound creepy. So anyways this new kid, lets call him… lord another code name… haha. Hmm… “clockwork”. Random name yet again. I think I got interested in this kid cause he is very humble. I won’t go to details cause I dont know but i’ll keep updated. By the way! Around January 2012, masuwaka tsubasa announced her divorce! Do you remember her? The famous japanes model that I liked so much?? Just asking my future self. K ganna sleep soon bye


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