Merry christmasss!!★

Didn’t do anything special. Stayed home, ate and watched movies and some korean shows. Haha I also told my parents to get me a present on boxing day rather than before cause it’s cheaper. Haha. Anyways, yeah me and my sister are getting old for getting excited for christmas, im pretty sure. How are you spending your christmas dear me? I hope with family or friends obviously. It’ll be so sad if I was alone for christmas when I’m older. 😦 make sure you don’t forget how important and appreciate the people in my life who has been supportive of me! 😀 you can’t ever take people you care about for granted!! 😡 APPRECIATION!!! Haha, something I wanna remind myself to never forget. Oh speaking of which, I did sleep downstairs by the piano room with my sister and my dog on christmas eve. This year at around 3am, I couldnt take it so I cleaned up and slept in my room. It was too cold. We went to bed pretty early, around 9:30pm I believe? We kept changing positions so we could hug Goldie while sleeping. She kept moving too much. This year I hugged her while sleeping. She smelled. But she was warm. Substitute for a heater hahahahaha. Anyways, my sister told me to get my own blanket but I didnt want to because I didn’t want mom to clean up the fur on my blanket when she already has to clean up my sister’s. My feet was cold and I can’t sleep when my feet are freezing. We shared the blanket at first but my sister ended up taking them all because she was rolling around a lot. Me and Goldie kept waking up pretty sure. I woke up like five times, no joke. That’s probably why Goldie kept sleeping today haha. So once I woke up at 3am, my feet were still freezing cold, I wasnt hugging Goldie anymore because she was sleeping near my feet, and since I had no blanket and couldn’t go back to sleep, I changed, cleaned up and went to sleep in my room. And thats what happened. During christmas nearly nowhere is open so we stayed home. I wanted to suggest ice skating by this place that was open but when I realized it was only during certain time and I thought it would take too long to drive there, I thought nahhh. We were still in our pajama, and I’m guessing we wouldve taken some time getting ready. By the time we would’ve gotten there, it would only be about two hours that we can skate for. (Wow my grammar…whatever haha) and besides, we would’ve had to pay rentals for the skates. Tomorrow is boxing day, I dont really need anything in particular but I wanna go shopping. Even though im broke…. yay… we dont really need to wake up early to go but I want to. But we’ll see. K ganna sleep now, bye.

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