Excited for today

Yay I got invited to christmas party 😀 we’re going to make gingerbread cookies I think. I’m craving something spicy. I want jjampong… so random. I like pumpkin pie from save-on foods and I like gingerbread cookies. They dont taste sweet but they are so good. (Although I know pumpkin pie has like tons of sugar in it.) Anywho, im listening to rehab glee version. Its originally by

Amy Winehouse – rehab

I think tho. Its a good song. I realized emilia clarke from game of thrones is really pretty. She looks better with angelic blond hair than her original hair I personally think. Wow im so random today… probably because theres nothing to rant about or to say really. Hey by the way, what’s your hair like now? Right now currently, I have long thick hair, rare brown natural hair (that I was born with) straight but bushy. Because I have thick hair. Omg I just made a typo error and I found out I could do this!
Ñîņ6ğü <——omg thats so cool
Ahaha kk bye now


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