My grade 9 english teacher

I HATE MY GRADE 12 TEACHER. Oh did I mention that already?? Okay compared to her, my grade 9 english teacher was amazing. His class felt like 5 minutes because it was so fun. (Class was actually 1 hour and 15 minutes.) His stories were so funny and I honestly thought I learned a lot in his class although a lot of ppl disagree saying that although he is funny, he isnt the best teacher. What?! I know. Lets code name him mr.chess. He also teaches chess. Btw I dont know how to play chess. But do you by now?? Okay, so I gave him a cake pop on the last day of winter break. It took a while looking for his portable. (He teaches in a portable.) He told a few kids who were in there by saying how its amazing that I found my way to give him that by remembering about him even though its been 3 years since he last taught me. Wow, this teacher takes nothing for granted… Why can’t I be more like him? Why cant the whole world just be like him? I respect him a lot. I still remember the book he read us everyday. I really wanna go buy that book. I dont remember the title but its just short sentences on every page about the smallest things that make us happy. So again, a book about the smallest happiness and you know, things in life that we should appreciate. Speaking of him, I want him back as my english teacher. And also, speaking of this, i find it rude that people in my grade skip assemblies. I find it rude. It’s not like everyone actually wants to go to assemblies to sit there and be squashed between people. I sometimes find grade 9s who sit there on the floor listening attentively more mature than grade 12s who can’t even spare an hour of their time to listen to someone talk, so they go out to eat at a nearby restaurant… Anyways, just my thoughts on that. I seriously can’t deal with immature people. I just dont understand why they aren’t ashamed or find themselves embarassing… not just over something loke this but aldo by the things I mentioned about during minor official. K ganna go do other stuff in life now.

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