My sleeping schedule

Its only 6pm. And its dark outside. I’m writing this as I am on my way home. I can’t get a ride because we can only drive one car and my parents are going to a meeting or something. I did 3 games for minor official for basketball. Got tired by the 2nd game for the score sheet. On the other hand earned about $30. Yay. Oh right here in BC, currently the minimum wage is like $10. How are the careers payment in the future dear me?? Hope its fairly good. I mean I think $10 is pretty good but if jt gets higher,  even better. Actually i dont know if ill still be living in BC by the time I’m reading this. kk two things I wanna say for todays blog. When I was at the game during minor official, two kids in my grade, (well a year younger than me,) were horsing around. A girl and a guy. BOTH ANNOYING. The girl stole the guys hat, went under the freaking table. Such an LG or LB thing to do. (Little girl/boy.) (Almost home.) AND THEY DID NOT HELP CLEAN UP. UGHHHHHH STUPID KIDS. And to think these kind of kids will be graduating this year… And second thing, I wanna really mention all my favor teachers but for now lets just talk about this one teacher from my grade 9 class. So yeah three years ago… actually ill talk about that next time I have to clean something…

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