Haha what?

Haha my last blog write was a fail. I was litterally falling asleep as I was writing. Thats what happens when you dont get sleep for like 30 hours. NO EXAGGERATION. Cake pps decorating took me too long and I had to minor official for basketball until 10pm so basically started them at 11pm. I took like 8 hours decorating dipping and wrapping. Made 100 cake pops but I ate a few so 98 was made or around 95. YAY I decided to go full out because it was the last year. I got a christmas card from cheese. Yay! Hehe I like collecting cards. I have some that are from 12-13 years ago too. So my experience of not sleeping for 30 hours, you can’t function. No joke. I was talking to people in the morning and I couldn’t form words, couldn’t focus and my hands were shaking. SHIT. Getting sleepy again, im ganna take a nap. Bye


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