I slept at 12am yesterday and was going to wake up at 3:30am to study for chemistry test on thursday. I woke up and went back to sleep… I usually sleep for 2-3 hours recently. But no matter how much I sleep, I feel tired. i feel like fainting for some reason today. And right now currently, I’m in my english class. Remember? Grade 12 English first semester? Lets name this teacher freethinker. I don’t necessarily hate her or anything like that. I just loath her for making me hate myself. She’s not mean or evil. She is actually nice, overly nice, and hipster I would say. Hipster as in the way she wears her clothes. Pretty cool. But she is nice in a way that I do not like. Hard to explain, I’ll get more into later on. Do u remember her dear me? I probably do because I hated this class too much.


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