In yearbook class…

I’m done everything so studying vocabulary in this class… haha did I mention I’m in grade 12? Yeah, in case the future me is wondering. I’m in grade 12 and this is the year 2013. I will be a 2014 graduate. My fav songs at the moment:

The Fray – how to save a life
The Fray – You found me
Onerepublic – Counting stars
Tired, got only 3 hours of sleep.

…actually I’m starting to believe that I shouldn’t sleep. I might think… well part of me thinks thats ridiculous because I LOVE sleeping and napping. But I feel like during that much time I could be doing other stuff… I don’t know, haha I used want insomnia and my mom told me thats crazy. Why would you want to look tired and sleep deprived everyday? (Hmm good point.) haha. Yeah, I dont know just a thought. I feel like going to the beach. I know its freezing outside and I’ve got a cold. But I wanna go to the beach. I should go during winter break.


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