Me in the future, about phones

oh yeah, a kid sat beside me in computer class. I honestly thought he kept, CONSTANTLY talking to himself. A little later, I thought he was asking me a question. In the end I realized he was on his phone with his earphones on. Haha technology these days. I’m so curious what the technologies will be like in about a decade later. I should say that around 2013 we had samsung galaxy s3 or people had iphone 5. Before then people used to have flip phones. They are old and might look really lame for some, and the functions might be slow and difficult, i still think they are pretty cool. I kind of wanted one of the neon colored flip phones rather than the samsung galaxy s3 android. The screen is so big, but now I’ve gotten used to them so much that my ipod seems tiny. What kind of phone do you have now, dear me in the future? I don’t think enough time would’ve past by for like screen to be bleamed out of the phone like they do in the futuristic movies witht their advanced technology and devices haha.


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