At home

I got a boyfriend! just kidding… single…. forever alone yayyy. Wow I still have the energy to joke. I didnt go to school today cause I’m sick. My head is still spinning and my nose feels like a freaking funnel. I didnt go to school  today so I have to wmwrite two quizzes on Monday instead most likely. Great. I hate winter. Why can’t it be summer already. I think I’m going through that weird age where they say in korean “the age when you laugh even when leaves fall”. I laugh at the most unlaughable stuff according to my friends and I also think I got sensitive. Or maybe that depends on people. Someone asked me yesterday why I dont drive even though i have my N. it’s not like I dont want to… I wish they would stop asking me. Im already embarassed by the fact that people talk about it behind my back. I’m ganna stop here before puking on my phone screen. bye

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