yay… im sick

headache started in block d… I wanna cry. My head is ganna crack opennn! D,: eeek. what did I do today? oh right, I did my math midterm. Honestly hoping that I did good but I dont think I did, since i guessed a few. I hate it when quizzes and tests are out of so little. If theres more questions, the more I can get wrong. I’d prefer that then have only a few questions, get one wrong and drop like 5%. haha. oh ya found out today that someone actually reads my blog… just to let you know IF you are reading this that its boring and waste of time. Really. haha especially you, you know who im talking about. Ill name you Cat. She told me she read my blog and that seriously took me by surprise. This is supposed to be my “journal” for myself in 10-20 years. Cat should read good books rather than my boring uninteresting life events. haha anyways yeah thats that. Oh yeah, clarification, for the lab, im not mad at anyone or pointing fingers to blame someone. Its just me who always get frustrated easily and end up conflicting with someone haha. Yeah, im totally the best partner fyi. I need to calm down. So sorry to anyone who has been and who will be partners with me for labs, it’ll be a nightmare. Anyways feel free finally from math midterm. Now need to study for chemistry woot so excited… *cry* k I need to stop staring at technology, my heads ganna bust open. k bye


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