Snow today!

I was surprised to wake up to the snow outside of my window this morning. I must admit it was pretty outside. The forest near my house looked like Narnia. hahaha. I still don’t like snow as much as I used to, compared to when I was little. I think I’ve grown out of it. Personally and especially because its a dangerous hazard when it comes to driving. Mainly for my parents. Hope it doesn’t melt due to rain and freeze up. That’ll be even worse. Oh yeah, my friends wonder why I put on earphones and go into my own “Lala land”. hahaha. It’s because I kinda feel excluded. How sad. Just kidding. Its okay I focus on other stuff anyways. But seriously, I wish people would STOP bumping into my chair. Give me some space people! It’s not a huge deal but I wish they would stop. We have a lab due tomorrow which I really don’t wanna dooooo.  But might as well get it done and get it out of the way. I need to do my PSI too. Yay.


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